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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Sump Pump Failure in Holland

This flooded basement in Holland, OH was the result of a failed Sump Pump. Notice the extent of the water damage; the water was about 2 inches deep throughout ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Delta

The owner of this home was in the process of replacing his roof when a unexpected storm passed through devastating his whole house. Each room of the house was d... READ MORE

A friend from a fire.

Last winter a freezer caught fire in the owners garage causing damage to the entire structure. SERVPRO of Bowling Green and W. Lucas County was able to come out... READ MORE

Residential Water Loss

Effected area was an unfinished basement with over a foot of water gathering in low spots. The water came into the home because of a clogged floor drain outside... READ MORE

Basement Mold

Here is a basement located on Liberty Center Ohio. The owner had recently was left a house by a relative and upon moving in noticed that they had a slight mold ... READ MORE

Bathroom Fire

This bathroom fire in Holland Ohio was the result of faulty wiring. Notice the extent of the damage for a fire that only burned for a matter of minutes. The own... READ MORE

Water in Hallway Delta, OH

This hallway got soaked when a second floor bathroom overflowed spilling out into the hallway. The extent of the water damage was in the hallway and bathroom. T... READ MORE

Garage Fire Holland

This garage fire in Holland Ohio was devastating for the owner. It started as an electrical fire that quickly spread to her attached garage. The owner was able ... READ MORE

Crawl Space Mold

A company was working in a homeowners crawl space noticed mold and they informed the homeowner and the homeowner contacted SERVPRO of Bowling Green and West Luc... READ MORE

Mold build up

When an Whitehouse homeowner went on holiday overseas the last thing they thought would happen would be, that they have moisture issue in their basement. This b... READ MORE

Dirty Floor

This hallway was right off of a kitchen that caught fire after the homeowner feel asleep while cooking his afternoon snack. The fire spread quickly to his cabin... READ MORE

Crawl Space Moisture

This Delta homeowner found it hard to believe, but when you bring outdoor air into the crawl space, the relative humidity actually increases. We had it think ab... READ MORE

Corner Mold

Here in this Liberty Center home you can see a mold build up in the corner of their bedroom. This might not look like much but even the smallest amount of mold ... READ MORE

Moving Out

In these pictures you can see that when a company wants to relocated they do not want to have to spend the time of cleaning up after themselves while trying to ... READ MORE

Commercial Bathroom Cleaning

This commercial bathroom needed some TLC after someone decided to show it a little of wear and tear. As you can see from the after picture all it needed was som... READ MORE

Burnt Pizza

This picture is from a local pizza shop in Swanton Ohio. Their signature dish is an old style cooked pizza in a brick stove. But when that food gets left unatte... READ MORE

Water Way

This flooded hallways in Delta OH was the result of a heavy thunderstorm that passed through late the night before. The whole lower level had standing water in ... READ MORE

Ceiling Damage.

The storm caused the exposed attic to blow items around and damage the ceiling. This type of Holland storm damage is common during certain times of the year. SE... READ MORE

Townhouse troubles

Storm damage to this unfinished Swanton townhouse occurred when heavy rains produced a breach in a recently installed door on the lower level of the townhouse. ... READ MORE

Storm flooded basement

This Lucas County homeowner there sump pump fail after a large storm passed through. There were multiple inches of standing water and some content that had been... READ MORE

Water on the Showroom floor

A sprinkler line in the ceiling of a department store in Whitehouse OHIO broke, saturating carpets and causing ceiling tiles to fall onto the sales floor. We wo... READ MORE

Moldy Attic

This Holland Ohio homeowner called SERVPRO after he noticed mold in his attic while putting boxes in there. Mold in attic is tough to deal with. Its a tight cra... READ MORE

Laundry Room Mold

This Liberty Center home had black mold caused by a pipe leak in the walls. The wall system in laundry room were removed to effectively mitigate the mold. With ... READ MORE

Commercial Damage

A fire main pipe blew in this structure in Delta Ohio causing extensive water damage. The drop ceiling and supporting grids had to be cleaned due to the wet cei... READ MORE

Watery Basement

This West Lucas County home had a hot water heater break in their unfinished basement. The basement had many collectibles and keepsakes in the basement. The exe... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Floor

This job was due to sever water damage to the home owners wood flooring and wall system. A freak storm hit while the home owner was replacing his roof. Unfortun... READ MORE

Washed Out

This Delta Ohio clinic experienced water damage from a fire main pipe break. SERVPRO of Bowling Green and West Lucas County was called out that day to perform t... READ MORE

Washed Out

This Delta Ohio clinic experienced water damage from a fire main pipe break. SERVPRO of Bowling Green and West Lucas County was called out that day to perform t... READ MORE

Fitness Center

Competitors are always amazed at the methodologies and techniques we employ to reach our objectives. The water in this Fitness Center in Bryan was really wet fr... READ MORE

Microwave Fire

This beatiful property suffered an enormous amount of smoke and soot damage. When the flames were extinguished, a big mess was left for our highly trained team ... READ MORE

Hallway Fire

Fire Damage at this Lucky Ohio home began when a light fixture in the entrance way shorted. It was a two-story home, so the fire damage obviously affected the s... READ MORE