Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storm Damage

A severe rain storm caused basement flooding for many people in Delta, Ohio. This particular home was flooded due to the window well filling with water and leaking through the window and into the house.  Luckily the homeowners were home and were able to call SERVPRO before the damage was too extensive.

Storm devastated floors

Sometimes we get too much water, even after a drought. The laminated flooring was waterlogged in several different areas of the great room area on the first level of this home. The photo shows the tear out of the slats and the vapor barrier before we installed our drying equipment. The volume of water was not great, but sufficient to ruin the flooring. We took three days  using air movers, and dehumidifiers to ensure that the concrete pad was back to normal moisture content before installing a new hardwood floor (not a laminated one.) The homeowner was extremely pleased with our neatness, and our efforts to preserve the remaining built-ins and furnishings, saving him additional costs and trouble. 

Storm damaged floor

This job was a flood damage to water intrusion from a freak storm that passed through West Lucas County. Unfortunaley the flooring could not be saved. We removed the flooring and 24 inches of drywall from the ground in this room to access the wet insulation. Equipment was set to removed the rest of the moisture in the concrete before new floor system was placed. Customer was very happy with the results. 

Pets and Storms

When a storm hits everything is affected including your pets. Make sure to have a plan ready for your family and your pets. Hundreds of animals are lost each year when a storm hits. Be sure to have a safe and secure place for your furry friend. 

Storm damage is not just water.

As you can see from this picture when a storm rolls through more can happen then just water damage. None of the family members were injured but it could have been much worse. By cutting back dying or dead trees you can help prevent this from happening to your home. 

Storm Clouds

Here is a picture a client took as massive storm clouds started to pass over their house. Within 30 minutes their house was in the middle of a downpour. Luckily the homeowners took the steps necessary to keeping their home and belongings safe. 

Storm and Hurricane Season

Its hurricane season so here at SERVPRO we would like you and your family to stay safe. Right now is the time to get a plan together for a safe evacuation if needed. Online you can find many resources to help you and you family with this.