What our Customers say...


After a heavy downpour in Delta our sump pump failed and we had standing water in our basement. I called SERVPRO and they started work the next day. I had to take my young daughter to stay with my parents while work was being done. Luckily SERVPRO is staffed with trained professionals and my daughter was able to come home 2 days after it started. 

When me and my wife went to sale our house last month the inspector noticed mold in the crawlspace. Right away we call SERVPRO and with in hours we had a team in our crawlspace working away. Thank you SERVPRO I could not have asked for better service. 

April showers bring Mays flowers, but it also brought me a wet basement. SERVPRO came out the same day and started the drying process. It tool about 2 days for them to complete the drying and to make it "Like it never even happened."

The back of our house caught fire due to a electrical issue. SERVPRO of Bowling Green and West Lucas County came out and started clean up that same day. I could not be happier with the speedy, reliable service. Would highly recommend to anyone I know going through a disaster.  

Me and husband had a night of relaxing by the fire when, it started to get to big and soot and smoke started to fill the room. We put the fire out and called SERVPRO to take care of the rest. They sent a team out and cleaned our front room of soot in no time. When they left you could not tell anything ever happened. They cleaned the soot and removed the smoke smell with no problem.

I own a small locally owner business in Holland Ohio. You can imagine my shock we I came in to open up for the day and there was standing water in our bathroom. I called SERVPRO of Bowling Green and West Lucas County and they came out the same day. They had me back up and running in no time. 

I run a very busy sandwich deli in Delta, so when a issue came up I called the company I knew would be efficient and professional. SERVPRO of Bowling Green and West Lucas County came in and got the job done in less then 24 hours. I would definitely use again if the situation called for it. 

SERVPRO was very professional and fast. They got the job done in a timely manner while still getting the job done. Sometimes companies want to rush to get to the next job. SERVPRO took their time to attend to the special needs of our job.  

Our pizza shop had a small mishap that led to us requiring the services of SERVPRO. They came out the same day, cleaned up the mess and had us back up and running in no time. Will definitely call SERVPRO if those kind of services are ever required again.  

After an eventful day with kindergarteners some of the carpets at our school were in desperate need of cleaning. SERVPRO of Bowling Green and West Lucas County came out and cleaned the whole area in one day. They are discreet and professional, would highly recommend them. 

Our church in Weston had a water line break in the kitchen. The kitchen and main quarters were damaged. SERVPRO came out, was respectful, and prompt. We where back in business in no time. 

Over night a massive storm hit with heavy downpour. My basement got wet so I called SERVPRO of Bowling Green and W. Lucas County. I have heard from friends they where quick but I wasn't expecting just how fast they get to you. They came in moved my items, dried and cleaned my basement. They are professional and polite.  

Woke up to my basement flooded after a huge storm that passed through the night before. There was about half of an inch to an inch of standing water when they got there. SERVPRO extracted the water, dried the basement and even cleaned my belongings. Couldn't ask for a more helpful team.  

SERVPRO of Bowling Green and W. Lucas County was there when I needed them. I was installing a new sliding door to the back yard when it started to downpour unexpectedly. I was unprepared and only had towels on hand. Needless to say my family room got a little wet. Called SERVPRO and they came out right away and started work immediately. They dried out my family room and saved the flooring while also being very helpful with tips for in the future. 

I woke to a badly flooded basement. I called SERVPRO and they were there within 30 minutes. Although I have an unfinished basement I had just moved and had tons of storage, boxes, furniture, etc.. All by the wall that flooded! Inches of water in some places. How could they get the water in all that mess? Not only did they get the water removed, they re-boxed my things, carried stuff up from the basement for me to look at, basically they cleaned my whole basement! The biggest plus to the whole experience is how kind and empathetic they were. They turned a disaster into better experience. I recommend SERVPRO to everyone!

I have used them before and they were very good at addressing my concerns and took care of my issue. The second time I had flooding issues, I knew they were the ones to call and that I could count on them.

We were very impressed with SERVPRO. They were knowledgeable, prompt, and the service tech was a super nice guy. We would highly recommend this company for mold removal. 

SERVPRO got moving on my fire damaged house and belongings within 2 weeks of the incident.. Their staff in the field and in the office became like family to me. They were all very patient with me while I had to decide what to keep and what to throw away. They would explain things to me as many times as I needed them to without ever showing any frustration. I would send any friend or family to SERVPRO if they ever needed their services.

My family was awoken in the middle of the night to one of the worst sounds a homeowner could wake up to, a smoke alarm, tearing through the silence of the night. After the panic subsided, SERVPRO was contacted. They where there within 45 minutes, with a genuine concern for my well being. They worked with me every step of the way to make sure I was kept informed. After all is said and done I would use SERVPRO for any future disaster needs. 

Thank you for the fine work you did for us! Each one of you were courteous, friendly, well-mannered and focused on your craft. It was a pleasure having you in our home! If we EVER need restoration or remodel help, we will call you IMMEDIATELY. Thank you again for your help and service

SERVPRO was recommended to me by my insurance company - State Farm to restore my house from water damage ( leaking shower pan). Their work was very professional, clean and on time. I would certainly recommend them.. Project Manager Steve was the key for this successful job!

"They are responsive, reliable and communicative. They made sure I was happy with the results and their prices are very competitive. When they were done with their clean up it was like they were never even there."

We woke up to every homeowner’s nightmare: the toiler in our basement flooded and there was a couple of inches of water. To make matters worse, we had guests coming in town in a few days. We called these guys and were immediately connected with an on-call technician. They had a van out within 30 minutes and were able to begin extracting the water and getting everything back to normal. Long story, short SERVPRO my hero's"

"SERVPRO of Bowling Green rescued me in my time of need! A pipe burst in my basement the morning I was leaving for vacation. SERVPRO was there that morning to save the day. They were able to come in and return my place to its original condition. Couldn’t say enough about this company and would be happy to recommend them to others if they are in need of a water damage company.” 

Thank you so very much for all of your hard work. You did a wonderful job!

Thank you for rushing out to help me and for taking care of everything! I couldn't have asked for a better team! Thank you SERVPRO!

Thank you for your great work! The guys were prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family!

Awesome job by Steve and his team!

It was nice to be able to reach the lead crew member even after hours.

Great people and excellent caring service!

Thank you for all of your hard work!

The team did an excellent job! I was very satisfied with their work!

Our experience with SERVPRO was GREAT! Thank you!

SERVPRO did an EXCELLENT job! We were very pleased with the service we received by the prompt, friendly and courteous team! Thank you SERVPRO!

SERVPRO did an excellent job on my house. I would highly recommend them to anyone!  

SERVPRO made sure my family and I were in good hands. I couldn't be happier with their work. 

I didn't think there was any hope for my house after the fire until SERVPRO helped me. They were quick and efficient!

SERVPROS crew was amazing! Very satisfied. 

Thank you SERVPRO! We couldn't have done it without you guys! 

SERVPRO was extremely thorough with their work. I would definitely have them come back. 

Thanks to SERVPRO, I feel more safe living in my home!